LET is moving to Microsoft OneNote

Dear LET students,

We have the pleasure to announce to you that LET is going to use Microsoft Onenote as its learning environment. Therefore, courses and announcements will be found in OneNote (information on this will given given later). Please activate your 365 accounts, if you did not do so yet.


Here’s the link to activate your 365 account if it is not active yet: http://www.oulu.fi/ict/user_actions#yes go there and follow the steps.

Practice more, if you need to, with Microsoft tools before the start of the academic year.

Looking forward to see you all in the Quali Course on Sep 9.



I guess I am the #newteacher

Hei LETers,

Today I learned that I have the opportunity to join the LET team as a teacher for the minor studies. I am looking forward to both apply what I learned those two years, and keep on learning. I am not sure I will be working with LET 2 students, i.e. you guys, or only with the incoming LETers, who I am eager to meet.

After two years in Finland, and in LET studies, I can conclude that if you work hard enough, you most probably will find what you are looking for. I just graduated and I feel overwhelmingly lucky that I get to take on an academic career as soon as this.

I know that replacing Venla won’t be an easy task, but I hope I can do an equally good job the least. I will be there to help in any way possible should you need academic assistance, and finally I wish Venla all the best in her future plans, and to all of you a good relaxing summer.

Hany Hachem

New teacher in LET studies

Dear students,

We are in the process of selecting a new teacher taking over the minor studies and other responsibilities that I have been working with until now. I will be leaving the University, and saying good bye to you all next week during the last days of EduLAB.

The new teacher will introduce himself in our blog soon.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I hope you all the best for the future in your studies and in life in general! 🙂 Thank you all, and have a nice Summer!


Open exam (PROJECT and Creative Collaboration)

Open exam for 418022P Educational Projects and 614000 Creative Collaboration
Thursday 2nd of June, 2016, 10:00-16:00

Please send your assignment to Venla (email) as a doc/docx/pdf document before 16:00.

Your task is to write a project plan for a hypothetical (imaginary) educational project. The maximum length of the plan is 3 pages. The plan should be clear, coherent, realistic and relevant from the perspective of learning sciences. Relevant scientific references and connections to existing educational contexts and/or projects should be mentioned.

Key words / basic ideas that should be somehow included to the project:

The basic structure of the plan:

  1. Name of the Project
  • Describes the context and/or the content, memorable, short


  1. Background of the Project
    • What is the context?
    • Why this project needs to be done?
    • Assess, explain and justify the need
    • Has there been previous projects or other related activities in the field?
    • What is the theoretical background, which learning theories can be connected to it?
    • Has there been any resent research about the contents and/or context of the project?


  1. Aims and objectives of the Project
    • Name and explain clearly the main goal and sub goals of the project


  1. Target group of the project
    • For whom is the project done and what for?


  1. Implementation and the timetable of the project
    • Explain the procedures that you will use to reach your goals
    • How do you plan to implement the project?
    • Define your challenges and prepare for the risks
    • Schedule your implementation: outline the project piece by piece and define a sub goal and deadline for each piece


  1. Resources of the project
    • Define the information sources you will use, use of expert consulting you may need, funding, materials, tools, and technology resources you may need
    • Remember also the time resourcing and management


  1. Expected results of the Project
    • What are the expected results?


  1. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project
    • How do you plan to monitor and evaluate your work?


  1. Reporting the results
    • How will you report your results?


Assessment criteria (pdf):
Open exam – assessment criteria

Printable instructions (pdf):
Open exam for 418022P Educational Projects and 614000 Creative Collaboration

Test for PROJECT and Creative Collaboration

Dear students,

As I have already informed you with email, you have an opportunity to show your learning and knowledge for the PROJECT and Creative Collaboration courses, that were the first ones assessed as a part of your work in EduLAB.

The exam will be an individual and open test (so it can be done from wherever you are, using anything you can find from the internet, library etc.).

The assignment (and the assessment criteria) will be published in this blog on Thursday 2nd of June at 10:00, and you have until 16:00 that same day to send your written product to me. There won’t be any other information posted before that.

There will be more than one evaluator (from the University) and the criteria will be public.  In order to participate this test you need to have passed the courses earlier in EduLAB (or if you have been part time, one of them).

Please let me know if you are going to participate the test, so I will know about how many students will be assessed again for these courses. Let me also know if you want only one of these courses to be reassessed (part time students).



Quali – homework 3

Dear students,

Based on the lecture today, your task is to write notes on your blog, with a title: Different data analyzing methods in qualitative research

Your notes should be based on the lecture (slides: HOW TO ANALYSE DATA) and either Chi – 1997 – Quantifying Qualitative Analyses of Verbal Data A Practical Guide or some other relevant article/book chapter about qualitative data analysis.

In addition to making notes in general level, you can also reflect these things in relation to your own master’s thesis research.

I will check your notes, and even though they are not assessed or commented, they are mandatory part of the course (lack of notes may affect your grade in the end). The sooner you write the notes the better, but the official deadline is two weeks from now (3rd of May).

Third assessment round in EduLAB

For the third and final assessment round in EduLAB once again two courses will be assessed for the LET students: TEL2 (5 ects) and other course by OAMK (3 ects).

The first one of these two will be graded (0-5), and the expected learning outcomes are abilities to:

  • recognise the needs, problems, situations and practices of pedagogical use of technologies in school systems worldwide and find research-based solutions for the shortcomings
  • examine future trends of technology enhanced learning
  • determine current problems, situations and practices of technology enhanced learning in a global context
  • analyse the concept of technology-enhanced learning

More information about the third assessment round will be published soon in EduLAB’s Facebook group.